Pet chiropractor

We’ve all heard about chiropractors helping out humans, but did you know there are chiropractors for pets? They are becoming a go to option for many pet parents who are looking for alternatives to medication and surgery, as well as part of a holistic approach to care for their pets. Together with your veterinarian, a pet chiropractor can help your pet feel great again.

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A pet chiropractor can help your dog, cat or other small pet with a wide variety of ailments. Not just the obvious kink in their step but many other underlying conditions. Spine alignment doesn’t only affect the bones and joints, it can affect muscles, the nervous system, organs and body functions. Adequate alignment in the spine and joints allows proper communication between the central nervous system, brain and organs.103_1220

A pet or animal chiropractor uses low force manual manipulation of the spinal column, joints and other affected areas. As these are adjusted, the pet will have improved mobility and function. These adjustments can often alleviate physical stress, strain and pain allowing the body to heal itself.

Pet chiropractors are often sought to help pets that are walking with a limp or dragging legs, dogs having trouble getting up or lying down, cats that are reluctant to jump, pets having trouble with stairs, pets reluctant to sit or sitting crooked, pets with hunched backs, pets with weakness or signs of pain when picked up, amongst others. They can also make a big difference in a pet’s behavior and mood. Many pets in pain can often show their pain with behavioral changes. They might seem grumpy, depressed or even show signs of aggression.

103_1232Before a chiropractic adjustment your animal chiropractor should be in contact with your veterinarian. It is very important that your pet chiropractor has all the pertinent, up to date information on your pet’s health; a full medical history including x-rays, surgeries or medications your pet is currently taking or has taken in the past. It’s crucial for you to work hand-in-hand with your regular veterinarian and pet chiropractor to ensure the safest course of treatment.

When you bring your dog, cat or other pet to see the chiropractor, he or she will examine your pet’s vertebrae, extremities, the gait and posture to come up with a plan for treatment. Many pets show immediate signs of relief while others need more than one adjustment session to see the full effect of the adjustments.

103_1239During the process of examination and adjustment most pets won’t feel any pain, and if they do, the pet chiropractor will use the gentlest techniques to make sure the pet can remain comfortable. In some cases, you will notice your pet is a bit tired after their sessions, this is normal.

As for the cost, well believe it or not, some pet insurance companies have started covering chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and other alternative treatments so it can be quite cost effective. And if it can get your pet back to feeling great, it’s totally worth it.

If you are interested in more information or would like to schedule an appointment with our pet chiropractor Jamie Cramblit please give us a call, we are here to help.