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Day Camp

Doggy Day Camp

Provides a safe, fun, and stimulating environment for your dog during the day while you are at work!


Animal America Training Academy

Group classes are offered year round in our indoor camp area.


Dog and Cat Grooming

Grooming is an important part of pet care and ensures a happy and healthy pet!

Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation

Know that your animal will have a healthy and safe traveling experience

Pet Bus

Pet Bus

Tight on time? We offer pick up and delivery service in our pet safe bus. Call for pricing.


Slumber Party!

Going on vacation, or on a business trip you CANNOT miss? Let us take care of your four-legged friend while you are away!

Dog of the Month

What is your dog's name?


When is your dog's birthday?


How did you obtain your dog?

From the Keller Animal Shelter, Feb 2013

How would you describe him/her in 5 words?

A sweet little, old man who is cranky sometimes (sorry, more than 5 words!)

How old was your dog when you got him/her?

about eight years old

What is your dog's favorite food?

Anything but his own food!

What is the cutest thing your dog does?

Rolls onto his back & falls asleep

What is the smartest thing your dog does?

Waits until you’re distracted and then makes a beeline to our other dog’s food bowl and eats it too!

Anything else you would like to share about your dog?

If all else fails to get him to behave, a doggie treat always does the trick!

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  • Dog names

    Choosing the best name for your new dog will depend on who and what you like. Naming your dog or puppy gives you a chance to express some of your passions. You can look for something fun, quirky, classic, political, or something based on pop culture like movie or TV characters, or something out of… View Article
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      The American Shorthair cat dates back to at least the 10th century. Originally, the Romans brought this cat with them to England. Later British settlers brought them along with them to America. They were traditionally known as domestic shorthair but were later defined as American Shorthair to distinguish them from free bred cats. This… View Article

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