Intro to dog sports: Rally

Rally is a super fun way of taking your dog’s training forward. Rally mixes the cues taught in an obedience class with some aspects of agility. There is a designated course that dog and handler need to follow, but the team can move at their own pace. This dog sport includes a little of everything… View Article
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Pet chiropractor

We’ve all heard about chiropractors helping out humans, but did you know there are chiropractors for pets? They are becoming a go to option for many pet parents who are looking for alternatives to medication and surgery, as well as part of a holistic approach to care for their pets. Together with your veterinarian, a… View Article
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Inside the breed: Greyhounds

Greyhounds are one of the oldest breeds on record. This breed dates back to ancient Greece and Egypt. Depictions of greyhounds can be found in paintings and carvings dating back to 2900 BC. They were brought to America by the Spanish in the 1500s and grew in popularity, used mostly for hunting hares, jack rabbits,… View Article
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Dog training: Teaching target

Teaching your dog to target on cue is a very useful tool. At first we teach it as a way to get our dog to redirect her attention when loose leash walking, or as an alternative to “come”, but it is the building block for many exercises. For assistance dogs, “touch” can evolve into turning… View Article
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