Flat-coated retrievers

This marvelous dog has somehow gone mostly unnoticed by the general population, most people will think this dog is merely a mix. Flat-coated retrievers are one of five registered retriever dogs of the AKC. This breed originated in England in the 1800’s. Traces of Newfoundland and Labrador retriever can found in their bloodline. Daily exercise… View Article
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Dog care tips: part two

Keeping your dog happy and healthy is very important and that can be achieved by following some of our tips. Exercise program: An exercise program for your dog will depend on breed, size, current activity level, outside temperature and many other factors. The idea though is that if you want a healthy dog then you… View Article
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Therapy dogs at airports

Dogs at the airport is nothing new. Dogs have had important jobs in airports for a long time, but those dogs are “working” dogs, which means the public isn’t allowed to touch them. So all of us animal lovers were only allowed to watch them from afar while we oohed and ahhhed. But now there’s… View Article
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Dog care tips: part one

Keeping your pup happy and healthy is a big part of having a dog. The following are dog care tips. Some can be easily followed at home, while others might be better off in the hands of a professional. We’ll start with grooming since it’s a big part of a dog’s life. Grooming includes doing… View Article
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