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The Best Breeds for Small Spaces | Animal America Pet Resort

Living in a smaller apartment or condo is no reason that you can’t have the canine companion that you’ve always dreamed of! Step one is to find a home that allows you to have a pet. Step two is to pick out a furry friend that will get along well even in a small space…. View Article
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Cozy Indoor Activities | Animal America Pet Resort

The weather outside is less than delightful, so that means more quick walks and less time outside enjoying fun games of fetch. But there’s no need to let the brisk weather keep you and your furry friend from enjoying lots of time being active together! Indoor Exercises It’s easier than you might think to turn… View Article
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Fun Winter Activities | Animal America Pet Resort

The weather outside is frightful, but the time you spend with your furry friends doesn’t need to be anything less than delightful! Let’s have a fun time looking at some activities that you and your pup can do to stay warm even when it’s so cold outside. Even if there’s nothing more that you’d love… View Article
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Dog Brain Games

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Like with children, playing with your dog isn’t about just having fun. Dogs use play time to burn energy and learn new things. Having regular play time is the perfect way to stimulate your dog’s body and brain! Make Games Easy and Fun with Treats Treats can make playing brain-training games easier. Hide a treat… View Article
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