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Pet photography tips

We love our pets and getting some amazing pictures of them can sometimes be hard. Some are camera shy, some are too wiggly and sometimes the picture just doesn’t do them justice so we paired up with Robyn from Haute Dog Pet Photography and we came up with simple tips to help every day dog… View Article
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Cat care tips

Cat care tip 1: Cats need their own space. No matter where you live, a quiet place for your cat to hide in is a must. All cats need their alone time and have a special spot for them to call their own will make your cat much happier. A spot to rest, away from… View Article
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Inside the breed: Pugs

Known for that smushed face and happy personality, pugs are referred to as “Multum in parvo” which means “much in a little” or “a lot of dog in a small package”. And that is for sure what you get with a pug. Pugs originated in the Orient, possibly in China and as far as we… View Article
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