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Animal America Pet Resort Services

Dog Day Camp

Dog Day Camp is an exciting adventure for your pup! A day can be filled with fun activities like Frisbee catching, ball chasing, pool lounging and tug-of-rope playing with other happy dogs and a trained and experienced camp counselor!

We play Monday through Saturday with all of our Furry friends. On Sundays we extend this service to overnight guests only.

Animal America’s Dog Day Camp offers several different play sessions for your pup based on size and temperament. We play in our beautiful indoor day camp yard that you have to see to believe!

Your dog can enjoy one or two of our daily sessions, while spending the day or all night. Ask about the excellent value of our dog day camp passes.

Basic Services

Dog Training

Our Dog Training Academy at Animal America is dedicated to bringing you the most relevant and up to date training methods. This is why all our training uses gentle, reward based training that ensures your dog’s success

Puppy Kindergarten- 6 Week Course $130.00

This course is designed for puppies 9 – 20 weeks old and help prevent bad habits before they start. In the beginning, emphasis will be placed on establishing a good relationship with your dog, bite inhibition and socialization.

Puppy Kindergarten level is designed to give your puppy a jump start on his education to becoming a well-behaved family member! Cues taught to your puppy are, SIT, DOWN, STAY, PUPPY RECALL, LOOSE LEASH WALKING, and JUMPING PREVENTION. The course is taught with moderate distractions to facilitate a solid foundation for all cues rehearsed. We always include games and tricks to keep our classes fun and relaxed.

Earn the A.K.C. S.T.A.R. Puppy Certification! Enroll today! Potty or House training also available

Beginner Dog- 6 Week Course $130.00

This course is specifically for Puppy Kindergarten graduates or dogs over 5 months who have not yet begun training. In this course we reveal the cues for ATTENTION, SIT, DOWN, STAY, COME, LOOSE LEASH WALKING, WAIT and JUMPING PREVENTION at the door. Throughout the course we rehearse cues with controlled distractions.

The emphasis in this course is on setting a solid foundation with on-leash behavior and beginning to create a clear form of communication with your dog!

Intermediate Dog- 6 Week Course $130.00

This course is for dogs that already know basic cues like sit, down and stay, but need to work around more distractions, behavior chains and off leash work. The class requires both pet and owner to practice at home to acquire the more advanced skills taught. At the end of the 6 weeks you will have a chance to earn the AKC Canine Good Citizen title for your dog.


Fun-agility is a class in which we teach your dog to go through obstacles! Over jumps, through tunnels, on walkways, etc. We begin with each obstacle individually and then start putting them together into a course. This class is fun way to interact with your dog and build a partnership.

Board & Train- One Week Program- $570.00

During your dog’s stay we will balance playtime and training to accomplish the most successful experience for your dog. Cues revealed include SIT, DOWN, STAY, LEAVE IT, WAIT , GREETING and LOOSE LEASH WALKING. Please call Animal America to schedule a Board and train for your dog.

Board & Train- Two Week Program- $1100.00

Please call Animal America to schedule for scheduling a Board & Train for your dog! Cues revealed are SIT, DOWN, COME, STAY, LEAVE IT, WAIT and LOOSE LEASH WALKING. All training is done on-leash. Both programs include an initial consultation upon arrival, an in studio lesson upon pick-up.

Day Camp Train- Package of 6 Lessons- $500.00

All training is done on leash

Day Camp Train Single Session-$85.00

Your dog participates in our Doggy Day Camp program and is trained throughout the day. You drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the late afternoon. Cues taught are , SIT, DOWN, COME, STAY, SETTLE, and LOOSE LEASH WALKING. All training excercises are done on leash. This price includes fun-filled days of play time, several training sessions, and 15 minute follow up sessions at the end of the day with you and your dog.

Fun-agility-Six Week Program-$150.00

Fun-agility is a class in which we teach our dogs to go through obstacles! Over jumps, through tunnels, on walkways etc.  We begin with each obstacle individually and then start putting them together into a course

Requirements for Class:
All dogs must be dog friendly
Must have completed at least one Intermediate class
Must have some control off leash

Private Lessons- $125.00

Private lessons are about 1 hour long. One of our trainers will come to you either at home or on location (park, etc.) to work on cues that are important to you. We can help with doggy door training, barking, greeting, potty training and much more. Give us a call and we’ll schedule a visit at your convenience.
Individual session $125 or pack of 4 $450.

Dog Grooming

Basic Bath $17.50-$30.75

Our Basic Bath at Animal America includes your choice of shampoo and conditioner. We feature all natural shampoos and conditioners in rainforest, griminator, plum, bright white and black shampoos to suit your pets needs. We also clean ears and express anal glands to ensure a thorough clean. The final touches your dog will get are a thorough brushing, a great hand picked bandana and a fresh cologne to match. This is the most basic grooming service we offer

Shed-Out $55.00-$120.00

Does your cat or dog leave hair everywhere? Our grooming department has a shed-out program! This will remove most of the loose and unwanted hair from your pet. Also, including the luxuries of a Deluxe Bath but with extra special care given to removing the shedding hair! This is an all day process for your pet that will leave them feeling light and refreshed!

Deluxe Bath $25.50-$42.50

Our Deluxe Bath is one of the most requested services at Animal America. The Deluxe Bath includes a bath with our featured rainforest, griminator, or bright white shampoos.  Conditioners are applied after shampoo leaving the coat shiny and beautiful! We also cleanse the anal glands and ears. With the deluxe bath we clip the nails and give a thorough brushing. Of course they will also get a great hand picked bandana and some cologne to match!

Extras $5.00-$40.00

All prices for grooming may vary for each dog depending on weight, hair amount, and condition of coat. Matts, tidys, trims, tunneling, clipping, and flea shampoo will affect prices.

Haircuts $40.00-$120.00

Here at Animal America we have certified groomers available to create the perfect cut or shave that you want for your pet. We can do simple and we can do detailed! Bring pictures, ideas, and wishes for your pets cut and we will do just that! This premium cut also includes a full Delulxe Bath as described above.

Soothe Bath-Basic or Deluxe bath + $5.00

Our special soak and soothe bath is for that dog or cat that has skin problems or allergies. Including all of the luxuries of our basic or deluxe bath but with medicated shampoo and conditioner. By letting this special shampoo soak and soothe on your pet, it will help reduce hot spots, dry skin, flea-bite dermatitis; and scratching and biting. If you think your dog or cat has a pesky flea or tick problem let us know and we can help!

To suit your cat or dog’s needs feel free to mix and match any or all of our services. Prices for all services will vary based on size, weight, temprement and the type and length of hair on your pet.

Dog Boarding

At Animal America we love your pets like they are our own! Caring for your animals is what we do best. All of our team members feel a special pride in the care and love we offer our furry friends!

    • Spacious, Temperature Controlled Overnight Accommodations.
    • Large Multiple Dog Family Runs.
    • Three Daily Exercise Walks.
    • High quality, All-Natural Dog Provided at No Charge.
    • No Hidden Charges for Food or Medicine Administration.
    • Trained Professional Caregivers.
    • Elevated Bedding for Maximum Comfort.
    • Custom Exercise Options for Every Energy Level.

Cat Boarding

At Animal America we love your pets like they are our own! Caring for your animals is what we do best. All of our team members feel a special pride in the care and love we offer our furry friends!

  • Spacious, Temperature Controlled Overnight Accommodations
  • Large Multiple Cat Family Runs
  • Three Daily Exercise Walks
  • High quality, All-Natural Cat Kibble Provided at No Charge
  • No Hidden Charges for Food or Medicine Administration
  • Trained Professional Caregivers
  • Elevated Bedding for Maximum Comfort
  • Custom Exercise Options for Every Energy Level

Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi

No time to get your pup in for some exercise in dog day camp or pushing it too close to get your cat in for his boarding stay before you head for the airport? We offer pick up and delivery service in our pet safe bus. Call us for pricing.

Pet Suites

Going on vacation or have a business trip you can’t miss? No worries! Let us take care of your four-legged family members while you’re away. Your pooch will enjoy our spacious indoor air conditioned and heated suites with comfy bedding and lots of daily affection from our camp counselors. We offer a variety of exercise options for their stay including day camp with other dogs of their same size and temperment or one on one play time with a camp counselor. You can rest at ease knowing your loved one is happy, safe and secure at Animal America.

  • Day camp for dogs boarding at Animal America is just $14.00 per day
  • Playschool or Cuddle Sessions for dogs boarding at Animal America is just $8.00 for 1 session and $14.00 for 2 sessions per day

For our feline friends, we have our kitty condos. Separate from our canine guests, each kitty receives a two room condo with cozy bedding, daily room service, and plenty of affection from our warm and caring staff.


  • One Dog under 30lbs: $30.75
  • Additional Dog under 30lbs: $24.75
  • One Dog 30lbs – 80lbs: $32.75
  • Additional Dog 30lbs – 80lbs: $26.75
  • One Dog over 80lbs: $34.75
  • Additional Dog over 80lbs: $28.75
  • Luxury Suites (double occupancy) : $93.50  ($46.75 per dog)
  • Cats: $21.75

All Additional dog rates are based on pets sharing a sleeping room.
All boarding rates include 3 walks daily.

Extra Walks

Each walk: $6

Bedtime snack:

Frozen peanut butter or cream cheese stuffed kong: $3

  • Grooming with Boarding

    We offer all of our grooming services while your furry family member is staying with us. Call us for a quote.

  • For the Owner

    To ensure the health and safety of all of our boarded guests, we recommend that pets with overdue vaccinations receive them at least 2 weeks prior to their stay. All guests are checked for fleas and ticks upon registration. If needed, a flea bath will be required. Your pet’s staff may recommend a “refresh” grooming before departure. Baths are provided at owner’s expense.

    At Animal America, we keep daily reports on eating habits, elimination and emotional condition. If requested a chew toy can be provided for your pets enjoyment.

  • Pet Travel Assistance

    Are you relocating and need to get your pet’s travel arrangements taken care of? We can help! We are experts in Pet Travel! Visit us at