Pet-safe Holiday Foods | Animal America Pet Resort

The winter holiday season is upon us, and with it comes festive food with the family! Everyone loves sharing tasty treats with their human family and furry friends alike—so let’s take a minute to see which holiday foods are safe for your pets to eat and which ones you should avoid sharing. Pet-safe Foods There… View Article
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Barking is one of the hardest behaviors to get under control. There are many types of barking and finding out the cause is very important. If you know what makes your dog bark you can recreate the trigger to use it in training exercises. Make sure you are not rewarding your dog for barking in… View Article
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Picking a rescue: part 1 (pet shelter)

Finding the perfect pet for you family can happen in many different ways, some people will search for a great breeder with a specific breed of dog in mind, while others prefer to visit a shelter and see which pet will “speak” to them. The more people adopt from shelters the more we see these… View Article
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