Arden Moore’s Mutt-Gyver™ Health and Safety Tips

Download a pet first aid app on your cell phone Now!! Arden recommends American Red Cross’ Pet First Aid App: Creative pet first aid kit items: a large towel, shoelaces, tongue depressors or popsicle stick (splints), white crew socks (to wrap on injured paw), a spare 6-foot nylon leash to use as a makeshift… View Article
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Picking a rescue: part 1 (pet shelter)

Finding the perfect pet for you family can happen in many different ways, some people will search for a great breeder with a specific breed of dog in mind, while others prefer to visit a shelter and see which pet will “speak” to them. The more people adopt from shelters the more we see these… View Article
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Elsie: Dog of the month

Elsie When is your dog’s birthday? Born February 2015 Where did you get her? Adopted from the City of Irving Shelter in April 2015 at 8 weeks old       Describe your dog in five words. Energetic, intelligent, athletic, determined, adorable             What is your dog’s favorite food?  Rotisserie… View Article
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