How to Check Your Pet for Ticks | Animal America Pet Resort

Summer is the season of sunny weather and cookouts. But it’s also the season of ticks! This year is looking more tick-filled than usual thanks to the extra-wet weather. So it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re taking preventive measures and checking your furry friend thoroughly for pests after every outing! Start with… View Article
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Best Breeds: Family-Friendly

beagle puppy
When you’re considering adopting a new dog that will get along great with your family, there are a lot of options. It’s important to consider several aspects before you adopt, such as size, energy levels, temperament, and grooming requirements. You want to make sure that you have the time, the space, and the personality to… View Article
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Dog Brain Games

dog being groomed
Like with children, playing with your dog isn’t about just having fun. Dogs use play time to burn energy and learn new things. Having regular play time is the perfect way to stimulate your dog’s body and brain! Make Games Easy and Fun with Treats Treats can make playing brain-training games easier. Hide a treat… View Article
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Air pet travel safety

When it comes to air pet travel, everyone does their part to ensure your pet’s safety. The US. Department of Transportation says two million animals travel on commercial flights each year. Air Cargo World found that less than 0.01 percent of pets that fly have incidents, making it quite safe. There are even worldwide organizations… View Article
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Inside the breed: Bloodhounds

Bloodhounds are excellent hunters and have been extremely popular for centuries. Bloodhounds’ history dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. There is evidence of a hunting dog at a monastery in the early eighth century that was named after the priest who cared for him, his name was St Huberts. Afterwards, the breed migrated and… View Article
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