Arden Moore’s Mutt-Gyver™ Health and Safety Tips

  • Download a pet first aid app on your cell phone Now!! Arden recommends American Red Cross’ Pet First Aid App:
  • Creative pet first aid kit items: a large towel, shoelaces, tongue depressors or popsicle stick (splints), white crew socks (to wrap on injured paw), a spare 6-foot nylon leash to use as a makeshift muzzle, spare doggy poop bags (as wraps), water bottle (to rinse wounds and act as splint) and post-it notes with Sharpie pen to write vet instructions.
  • On hikes, pack a Mylar blanket. It can be used to warm a cold dog, melt snow to collect rain water, and serve as a sling. A lightweight, plastic blue IKEA bad is durable enough to transport a pet.
  • On hot days, pour bottled water inside a baseball hat or spare plastic poop bag and place dog’s paws in the cool water to keep him from overheating.
  • If your dog gets sunburned, never use ice cubes on the burn site because you risk him developing hypothermia and going into shock. Apply cool water.
  • For bee stings, scrape the stinger out using a credit card. Never use tweezers as it can burst the venom sac and spread venom inside your dog.
  • Aloe is nature’s wound healer. Gel from an aloe plant can temporarily treat wounds and insect bites as well as burns and frostbite. Never apply latex (the white sap) from the aloe plant on a dog because it is toxic.
  • Treat sugar-free gum and mints like POISON!!!The active ingredient, xylitol, can be deadly if ingested by your dog. Always keep gum out of paw’s reach.

FINAL TIP: Be your pet’s best health ally- and save money on veterinary bill- by enrolling in our veterinarian-endorsed, in-person Pet First Aid 4U class. Sign up today at Or take our online Pro Pet Hero course at

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