Dog Boarding

At Animal America we love your dogs like they are our own! Caring for your boarding dogs is what we do best. All of our team members are trained to care for your dog and feel a special pride in the care and love we offer our furry friends!

Our Dog Boarding offers:

    • Spacious, Temperature Controlled Overnight Accommodations.
    • Large Multiple Dog Family Runs: dogs from the same family can board together.
    • All Boarding dogs get three exercise walks and two group or individual play sessions daily.
    • All Dog Runs are sanitized daily and monitored for accidents throughout the day.
    • High quality, All-Natural Dog Food at no charge for boarding dogs.
    • Trained Professional Dog Caregivers.
    • Elevated Bedding and Blankets for Maximum Comfort.
    • Discounts for family dogs boarding together.
    • Special value dog boarding punch cards.

Aggressive or special needs dogs will be assessed a surcharge up to double our nightly boarding rates.

Medicine administration and special food preparation charges may apply.


Boarding Punch card FAQ

Can I split up the boarding nights or does it have to be one long visit? Your dog can board with us throughout the year at your convenience.

What if I have more than one dog? If your dogs are the same size they can share a boarding punch card. Or buy the smaller dog another punch card at a discounted price and save even more. (*Discount for additional dogs is only available if they are boarding together)

What about day camp while boarding, can I get a discount there? The great news is that day camp is included! If you buy a boarding punch card your pup’s play is covered, so relax and let the fun begin! i