Dog Boarding


At Animal America we love your dogs like they are our own! Caring for your dogs is what we do best. All of our team members feel a special pride in the care and love we offer our furry friends!

Our Dog Boarding offers:

    • Spacious, Temperature Controlled Overnight Accommodations
    • Large Multiple Dog Family Runs
    • Three Daily Exercise Walks
    • High quality, All-Natural Dog Food Provided at No Charge
    • No Hidden Charges for Food or Medicine Administration
    • Trained Professional Dog Caregivers
    • Elevated Bedding and Blankets for Maximum Comfort
    • Custom Exercise Options for Every Energy Level
    • Discounts for family dogs boarding together.
    • Special value boarding punch cards.


Boarding Punch card FAQ

Can I split up the boarding nights or does it have to be one long visit? You can use up the nights throughout the year at your convenience.

What if I have more than one pet? If your pets are the same size they can share a boarding punch card or buy the smaller pet another punch card at a discounted price and save even more. (*Discount for additional dogs is only available if they are boarding together)

What about daycamp while boarding, can I get a discount there? You probably already know about our daycamp punch cards, now there’s one specifically for boarding dogs so you can save on your dog’s entertainment while they board too!