Cat Boarding

At Animal America we love your cats like they are our own! Caring for your cats is what we do best. All of our team members feel a special pride in the care and love we offer our furry friends!

Our Cat Boarding offers:

  • Spacious, Temperature Controlled Overnight Accommodations
  • Large Multiple Cat Family Runs
  • Three daily play and exercise sessions: cats spend at least one hour a day romping around our cat room playing, climbing and relaxing on our cat towers.
  • High quality, All-Natural Cat Kibble Provided at No Charge
  • No Hidden Charges for Food or Medicine Administration
  • Trained Professional Cat Caregivers
  • Bedding for Maximum Comfort
  • Private Cat Litter Boxes for all our Cat Guests
  • Boarding Punch cards available


Boarding Punch card FAQ

Can I split up the boarding nights or does it have to be one long visit? You can use up the nights throughout the year at your convenience.

What if I have more than one cat? Your cats can share a boarding punch card.